How long are the certification cards valid?
Two years for all CPR, AED and First Aid courses. Only one year for the Bloodborne Pathogen courses as per California state regulation.
Is on-line CPR, AED and First Aid training acceptable, legal or even ethical?
What CPR Class is right for me?
Do you need a standard CPR class, or Healthcare Providers CPR? Do you also need First Aid Training? 
Heartsaver CPR/AED fulfills requirements for the following: (Teachers, Bus Drivers, Coaches, Camp Counselors, Personal Trainers, Daycare Workers, Babysitters, Construction Workers).
Healthcare Provider BLS fulfills requirements for: (Registered Nurses, LVNs, Medical Assistants, Respiratory Therapists, Hospital Technicians, Dentists, Paramedics, EMTs, Firefighters, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists).
Is there a written test in my CPR, AED or First Aid class?
Currently, there is a test only for those enrolled in an AHA BLS for Healthcare Provider CPR course. But please don’t worry about the written test, your learning experience in class will most certainly prepare you for a passing test grade.
Can I take a renewal CPR course?
Yes, if you have completed a full course during your last certification cycle, you may take a renewal course.
Is on-line CPR, AED and First Aid training acceptable, legal or even ethical?
On-line training for these courses is acceptable, legal and ethical under the following conditions; 1) it is blended with a classroom experience (skills session), 2) with a trained and authorized instructor, 3) that the skills session ensure adequate skills practice and a competent skills evaluation in a hands-on testing environment. If a CPR, AED, or First Aid training program is completed by merely an on-line training, it currently is not accepted by any regulatory agency.
If I am currently pregnant, injured, disabled, or otherwise cannot get on the ground to perform CPR and AED skills, can I still attend?
Absolutely! We will make reasonable accommodations for any of our students that have mobility issues based on their limitations and need. Just let your instructor know how he or she can make you more comfortable in your course.
Do I have to share a manikin in my CPR and AED course?
In our classes, all of our students have their own practice adult and infant manikin. You will not be sharing at any time. In addition, we provide you with disposable personal protective barriers (designed for training purposes only) so that your mouth is never touching a manikin’s surface.
What age to you have to be to take a CPR, AED or First Aid course?
Generally, the minimum age to attend a CPR, AED or First Aid course is 12 years.
Our Child and Babysitting Safety (CABS) courses are designed for 11-15 year old children.
The BLS for Healthcare Provider CPR course is 16 years of age.
As a parent, should you feel that your child younger than 12 years of age should take the course, please call us to discuss your request.
Still have a question?  Please feel free to contact us: info@rescuetrainingsocal.com